Draw a Horse’s Head simply

28th May 2015 4:55 pm
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Drawing a horse’s head can be difficult, but In this art tutorial I’ll explain how simply you can draw a horse’s head by starting to sketch two circles. The two circles will help get the proportion of the head just rught. Using 2B and 4B pencils I show how to create the outline of the horse’s head and develop the shape of the eyes and neck. Using a piece of graphite I demonstrate how to create tone and how to make the horse’s head stand out from the paper. This art tutorial is intended for beginners, children and those looking to develop their own drawing techniques.

About The Author
- I have taught art for more years than I can remember, in schools and with own art courses. I hope you find this art tutorial, stimulating, easy to follow and that it contributes, in a small way, to the development of your own art skills. Paul Priestley

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