How to Draw a Rhino

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In this art tutorial I am going to show you how to draw a rhino step by step starting from very simple shapes. I’ll take you through how to draw the shapes, measure the length of the legs and how to get the basic proportion correct.
Once the basic shape is right I’ll teach you how to draw the outline, to show the folds of skin on the rhino. Finally, you will learn how to add light and shade to make the rhino look convincing. I also explain how to get rid of the outline to create an edge so that the drawing looks like a three dimensional animal.

This video is designed for children, beginners and those learning to draw.

About The Author
- I have taught art for more years than I can remember, in schools and with own art courses. I hope you find this art tutorial, stimulating, easy to follow and that it contributes, in a small way, to the development of your own art skills. Paul Priestley

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