The Life of Van Gogh: The Film

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I created this film of the Life of Van Gogh (35 minutes in length) for use in schools, art societies and art groups and it is suitable for children from around the age of 7 or 8 years old upwards. The film covers all the major aspects of Vincent Van Gogh’s life from his early life in England, through being a preacher to eventually, at the age of 27 , becoming an artist. The film covers all the important elements of his artistic life, including, his moves to Paris and Arles, his most famous paintings including the painting of the sunflowers, the cutting off of his ear, his move to Auver sur Oise and his final demise. All aspects of the film, including the more dramatic moments, are covered in a manner suitable for showing to children.
Please note that some aspects of the Life of Van Gogh and events in it, may have been simplified or amended to make them suitable for a school audience. This video is a great way for kids, students and other people tho learn about the life of Van Gogh and would be a great introduction to an art lesson on van Gogh or expressionist painting in schools and colleges.

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- I have taught art for more years than I can remember, in schools and with own art courses. I hope you find this art tutorial, stimulating, easy to follow and that it contributes, in a small way, to the development of your own art skills. Paul Priestley

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